Shihan Jeff Gaynor

Hi! I’m Jeff Gaynor. I have done martial arts since 1979 and hold black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Hakko Denshin Ryu Aikijujutsu (HDR). I have taught martial arts for over 30 years and ran the largest collegiate jujutsu club in North America for 20 years (Illini Jujustu, a.k.a. IJJ). In my system, I am one of 6 Head Instructors outside of Japan and hold the rank of Shihan (Master Instructor). I have also taught law enforcement including (NATO) military police.

HDR is a classical Japanese martial art, traceable back 400 years and is listed as an “intangible cultural asset” of Japan. In our case, it is a family art and the headmaster was a physician. It is not competitive and seeks to foster a wholesome training environment. During the years I ran IJJ, many of my students ended up sending their siblings to us and have consistently said that the most useful part of their college education was in our club. This is not merely because of the training, but because of the social environment it fosters.

How did I end up in Wisconsin? By training I am a Mathematician and am a full time researcher still at the University of Illinois. However, since my associates are spread all over the world, mostly I either travel or work remotely. My wife is from the Falls and we decided to move up here to be closer to them.

Sensei Nicki Gaynor

Nicki has a black belt in jujutsu and will be teaching too. Having had 7 kids, she is excellent at helping women who are looking to get in shape before pregnancy to mitigate delivery issues, are expecting, or are recovering from pregnancy.

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